Tuesday, February 06, 2007


February 11, 2006
Admitted to St.Lukes Medical Center under Dr. Catherine P. Rosales who is also a Christian.

Upon admission

Blood transfusion

Happy birthday on Valentines Day!

Working with the gifts

Red Ribbon mango cake, yum!

58th birthday... It's going to be the last candle blow

"My birthday was celebrated in St.Luke's. Violet, while I was sleeping, tied the Happy B-day sign & balloons around my room. Thank you Vio!...

...I was released from hospital this day. Lyle & family drove with mama to Nieves' house in Nova. The Lord provided my medical .
-papa's diary, February 14, 2006

Welcome home dinner at Novaliches

love wipes all fears

During mama's hysterectomy (March 1, 2006)

Multiple Myeloma
Cancer of the Plasma Cells


December 19, 2006

After being rushed to a local hospital, he had to be flown to Manila for surgical procedures.

Ride from MMG hospital, Solano to SIL, Bagabag.

Uncle Conrad (mom's brother)

last plane ride... alive

Auntie Garet, our home-nurse :-)

Our SIL family

Leo, Joy and Beth - left behind

Family and friends

It was a drizzling afternoon

But God was the pilot of this plane

Last look


December 19, 2006 - January 22, 2006

And so in room 449b began the most memorable one month of our lives.

In sickness and in health

With aunt Robyn (photo taken by aunt Jo)

San Diego Family comes to visit

Ate Crispina

Aunt Jo



The girls

Cherry and Lyle

When he still eats by himself

Uncle Guddin and Auntie Lourdes (Mom's sister)
certified faithful nursing aides

With aunt Robyn

Papa would talk to the nurses and when he was feeling better, he would share God's Word to them. One time he presented the Salvation Story to a nurse. For that one month, his nurses and nursing aides learned to love and respect him.

Mama tries to assure papa that his colostomy was only temporary... and it really was

Ptr. Ferolino leads the prayer

Fixing papa's not-too-comfortable bed

Head of quality control trying it out

16 sessions of radiation

Presenting "And The Word Came With Power" to Dr. Rosales

Papa's new bed (taken from the VIP rooms)

Daily rounds

With Pastor Clem and Merlyn Guillermo

Father and son

Gathering enough strength to talk, papa takes a call from his brothers and sisters in Tufuy

Hard as it may seem, this is the most coveted sleeping spot. The rest sleep on the floor.


The simple things that he can do alone matters so much

SEND's Ruth & Laura and SIL's Missy, Aunt Robyn's friend


The family

The hug

The birthday girl! Joy turned 17 that Christmas day!

Leo, Violet, Joy, Lyle (Bethany not in picture)

Papa laughs at mama because she doesn't know how to put the gloves on

Brother Noel, our favorite nursing aide and a brother in Christ. God used him to provide us with additional comforts like more chairs, more pillows, more sheets and a VIP bed that made papa more comfortable.

Tufuy family arrives

Extracting blood for sample tests

Cheering him up

He surprisingly let go of his hands and pretended to shoot us with a make-believe gun then he fell back. Funny moment.

"I love Leo"

With Uncle Dunor, his brother

'Till death do us part

The gang

Mr. Danny Hugs, the guy next door of our semi-private room. Amidst the pain, papa stood up and walked next door and prayed for his neighbor.

Heavy under morphine, mama is the only one who could wake him up

The feeding team

Standing up

Colostomy cleaning

Last picture with Beth

Luzon Convention of Southern Baptist Churches youth department

Propping up

Uncle Fukuda arrives from Japan

AL and Mickey Williams, God-given helping hands

Pastor Mike and Aunt Sandy arrives from California

Starting to tell jokes and stories

Hardest laugh on one of his own funny stories... the last laugh he had

Morning readings and devotions

Hymn singing

Our dear aunt Solita

Saying goodbye after a week of joyful reunion

Twin brothers hand in hand

holding on and letting go

NPMTTA (Northern Philipines Mother Tongues Translators Association)

One last brush all by himself

Our home for one month

Rare moment of walking out his room... the farthest he got of the outside world

Tita Minnie and Karl Gallo, friends of great encouragement

Ateneo IVCF comes over

He tries all positions to lessen the torments. But never did he howl or growl in pain. Even in the most excruciating pain, he would just cry to the Lord for mercy or sing a hymn to God.

Our wall of visitor's encouraging words


"Lyle will come when the time comes"

MFEC Choir (Leo's friends) sings for him

Papa cheers on, claps after the song... not knowing it was his last night

January 22, 2007, Monday, 8:40 am
Papa is eternally healed in Heaven